Technology Update

A quick technology update for the group.

In an effort to keep the website current and user friendly, the RVMBA facebook calendar has been integrated with the website calendar.

What this means is, now users of facebook can post events indirectly to the calendar on the website by creating facebook events and inviting the RVMBA E Vents facebook user to attend.

Once that user is attending, the event will appear on the website calendar.

If you’re not a facebook user and you are planning an event you can email the details to and the entry will be added manually.

For ease of access the upcoming events calendar has also been posted on the right side of the front page.

Questions, comments or feature requests for the site can be directed to

That’s all for now, watch this space for more updates soon.

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Club Needs

RVMBA could use your help!

While RVMBA has no immediate need for a specific position, RVMBA is always seeking volunteers to help with the planning and execution of future events.

If you are interested in assisting the club please email