RVMBA Board Meeting October 2013

Mission: To support and advance the interests of all Southern Oregon mountain bikers.
Goal: Expansion of trail system opportunities, and improvement of existing trails.
Strategy: Leverage RVMBA/IMBA and bring together the Southern Oregon mountain biking community in pursuit of common goals

RVMBA Board Meeting

Venue: Unreal Cycles

Date: October 23 2013

Directors present:
Mike Bronze – President
Peter Hollingworth – Vice President
Dave Patterson – Director
Adrian Tyne – Grants Pass Director
Lewis Hollingworth – Web Director

James Holmes
William Roussel

1. Upcoming events: New Years Ride Discussion of upcoming events including potential for some not previously attempted.
Mike B and Fish to talk to usual sponsors for New Years Day ride.
2. NW IMBA Summit
Review of what was brought back from the IMBA summit by the representatives who attended.
No further action required.
3. Connect with other groups to advance our agenda
The board discussed trying to get smaller cycling groups and other demographic groups involved with RVMBA. Inclusive of cycling groups as well as equestrians, hikers and runners.
Adrian T to make contact with some Grants Pass groups.
4. Resources: Ride Oregon, Travel Oregon, MTB Project
Lewis H lead the discussion on the lack of representation of the area on various online resources and action which could be taken to update these resources.
5. Regular scheduled work days
Lewis H and Mike B lead discussion on scheduled work sessions on sanctioned, legal trails over the winter period. As well as the need for trail bosses to ensure work being done is up to IMBA sustainable trail standards.
Further action is required to plan where club trail work needs to be focused, to be lead by Lewis H. Once planning is done Lewis H will work on a way to publish this to the website for all group members to see.
6. Regular scheduled events, BBQ, movie nights, camp outs, etc.
IMBA Summit showed successful clubs have engaged members. Members are engaged by attending regular events with their peers. The board talked about what can be done, where and how.
7. Website: MTB project, online work log, trail status
Lewis H presented latest statistical data from the website, facebook and CIVI CRM. Lewis H had various ideas for website upgrades and updates based on various requirements from the meeting and concepts other IMBA chapters are proving successful in practice.
Lewis H will work on designing and implementing these website updates and upgrades in the coming weeks.

8. SOFA trailer
Discussion on how to best get the club trailer back in working order so it can be used. Peter H to seek some new tires and a quote to get it back on the road to present to the board.
9. Adrian: Maps
Adrian T has been contacted by a map maker who is looking for assistance in mapping the trail networks in the local area. Adrian T has been in discussion regarding the ability for the club to sell the maps on its website and at its events. Adrian T to follow up.
10. Bill: Ashland status, Alice ?
Bill R not present to report.
11. Prescott park update. Need to inform everyone of commission meeting. 11/19/13 6:30 Carnegie Library
The club needs to rally and be present on 11/19/13 at the Carnegie Library to show support for the proposed plan.
12. Jville updates
Some complaints about high speed bikers having problems with hikers near the bottom of the hill. Mike B to work with land managers to decide best solution. Riders in Jville are reminded that closer to the bottom of the hill they are likely to meet hikers and to try to be courteous and slow for hikers. The ability to ride those trails is not a right but a privilege which can be revoked for all of us due to the actions of a few.

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