RVMBA Board Meeting January 2014


RVMBA Board Meeting

Date: 1/22/14

Venue: Unrealcycles

1.1 Attendance
Lewis Hollingworth – LH Present
Michael Bronze MB Present
Peter Hollingworth – PH Present
Nick McDaniel NM Present
Adrian Tayne AT Present
David Patterson DP Present
Bill Rousell BR Apologies

1.2 Guest introductions
Derek Starr was introduced to the board

1.3 Last meeting minutes review and approval
Approved without change.

1.4 Financials
Current Balance $437.11
Monthly spend $200 This was mainly for items related to First Tracks ride.
There is a $10 monthly service charge placed on the bank account. This may be canceled
and refunded if we can confirm Non Profit status.
$212.40 Check for new membership sent from IMBA this month

2 Review of actions from last meeting

2.1 AT to Contact GP Groups
Ongoing. Will continue to work with local shops and co ordinate trail days going forward

2.2 LH to look at online resources to better represent the club
Reviewed MTB project and added to web pages. Future changes may mean that this
feature will be removed and replaced with a regional version.

2.3 MB & LH to plan regular work days
Ongoing. This will become part of the wider Trail Boss scheme

2.3.1 LH to post trail info to website
This has been implemented and is being used. Developments going forward may include
ability to post direct, add images and grid details.

2.4 LH talk about website updates
Web developments have been based around changes to make site easier to use/view,
display more information and integrate with other pertinent sites.

2.5 PH to get quotes to make SOFA trailer road worthy
Advantage tires have offered “take off” tires and fitting.
We could also arrange for sandblast and paint.
This still leaves the trailer some way short of road worthiness. Lights and wiring would
cost around $100.
Thule side arm fittings are $53 ech ($53×16) total $848
It was suggested and agreed that if trailer is to be restored then its use for non RVMBA
events should be chargeable going forward.

2.6 AT to follow up regarding local trail maps

3 Current Trail Status / Current Projects

3.1 Jacksonville – MB give an update on Jacksonville
There have been several changes to trails in John’s Peak.
Norling Creek Trail is now closed to bikes, and speed restrictions have been posted on
lower Granite and Rail trails. The City is proposing a day use park in the old MRA
staging area. This is to encompass hiker specific trails in the lower sections of the park.
Proposals to have Granite Trail marked as biker specific have been covered in the past
and will be revisited now that the parallel trail is in use.
Work with MRA is ongoing, but suggestions for MTB specific trails on their property
have not been taken up. Current thinking has development of joint use trails where
better route planning would allow for motorcycles and MTB to share common trails,
perhaps with use in opposite directs. More work is required to bring both parties
together (RVMBA and MRA) and joint trail work days were proposed as a way to get the
ball rolling.

3.2 Ashland – BR to give an update on Ashland
BR was not present so no updates were presented

3.3 Grants Pass – AT to give an update on Grants Pass
Waiting for BLM for both Cathedral Hills and Bolt Hill projects. Nothing new to report

3.4 Rogue River – NM
An issue with Flora and Forna has been raised and the project will need to be revised to
accommodate the findings. A suggested revision of trail clearance width from 100ft to 15
ft is being presented. It is still expected that documentation will be complete by April,
with ground breaking by fall

4 New Projects:

4.1 Prescott – MB & LH to lead discussion.
Project is now passed through City Council with unanimous vote.
A restricted Funds Account has been set up by the Non Profit arm of the city. This can
now be used to deposit money raised to benefit the build and development of Prescott
RVMBA now need to begin a campaign of awareness rising with potential sponsors.
MB was asked to get clarification on our mandate for this campaign with regard to targets
and options on specific sponsorship.

5 Technology / Membership Update

5.1 Civi membership numbers
57 Current members up from 42. 35% increase

5.2 Web Stats
574 visits 384 Unique Visitors 60% increase in traffic (last 30 days)

5.3 Facebook Stats
220 Likes on new Facebook page

5.4 New features / feature requests

6 Events:

6.1 Dates / Venues / Permits
It was proposed that RVMBA organize an event around the Applegate. DP will form a
committee to discuss and move forward
It was suggested that a trail weekend be planned for Taylor Creek trails, this could
include some kind of competitive event. DP to look at dates

6.2 Budget / Income generation
Not discussed

6.3 Volunteer requirements
Not discussed

7 Revenue Generation

7.1 Existing revenue generation ideas
Social event to coincide with Spring Thaw. Venues to be identified and options for type
of event. Movie night was suggested previously, basic social evening with beer and
snacks was also suggested.
Adventure Maps are keen to have RVMBA act as a distributor for the new trail map.
Map will offer information on all types of trail, with usage color coded.
Adventure Maps are willing to pay for information provided by RVMBA to help add detail
to the local trail systems, this payment can be used to make initial purchase of maps.
The mark up on the maps is expected to be around $2 per map.
Sales campaign and target markets to be addressed prior to commitment to buy.
Proposed RVMBA events at Applegate and Taylor Creek to be jointly developed for
revenue generation.

7.2 New revenue generation ideas.
PH to re position previously discussed ideas at next meeting.

8 Board and Role review
8.1 Roles / Titles

New roles as follows:
LH President
MB V President
DS Secretary
DP Event Director
LH Tech Director
MB Treasurer
AT/PH Membership and Media

8.2 New members / Retiring members
Derek Starr was announced as a new member to the board and joins as Secretary

8.3 Votes if required

9 Other Business

9.1 None

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