Prescott Park Conceptual Trail Plan

Prescott Park Trail Plan

The Medford Parks and Recreation Commission will be voting on our highly anticipated MTB trail proposal. Up to this point the commission has been very supportive of the idea, now that the t’s are crossed and i’s are dotted.

The proposal is ready for final approval. When approved, the plan will be implemented in three phases. Much of the trail work will contracted out. We hope that IMBA Trail Solutions will be the chosen contractor.

RVMBA will also be involved in trail work by building more manageable trail sections as well as fine tuning and sculpting lines constructed by the contractor. Along with trail building will come fundraising drives for the project. The city has been gracious thus far but is expecting some help from us. We will keep you updated with future fundraising events and ways you can contribute.

The first thing you all can do to help is show up at the Parks and Recreation meeting on Tuesday Nov. 19th @ 5:30pm located at the Carnegie building 413 W. Main St. in Medford. If we can show a strong interest and support for this project it will help ensure a positive outcome. Thank you for your support and hope to see you there.

In the PDF below is the conceptual trail plan for Prescott Park.

Prescott Park Conceptual Trail Plan – IMBA August 2013

This is a large PDF, I suggest right clicking and using save as to download to your computer before viewing. Depending on your bandwidth, opening it in the browser may crash or take an extended period to download.

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