Membership and Contributions

We need you! RVMBA is supported by all of you. Without members and contributors we can not do what we do. Operating a non profit organization requires money, with administrative and trail work costs being our largest expenditures. If you like what we are doing and would like our work to continue we need your continued support. All it takes is one annual payment to become a joint member of RVMBA and IMBA.

Your membership dues not only help to support RVMBA locally but also help IMBA nationally as they fight for us in DC and across the country. Your membership comes with all the benefits IMBA provides. We are also currently working with local vendors to provide further local benefits for members. You can also contribute a charitable tax deductible donation to RVMBA on our contribution page. 100% of contributions go to supporting RVMBA locally. You say you can’t afford it? How about volunteering at a trail work day or event? The dates are always on the calendar on the website, or possibly getting involved with board and help us advocate. If you have any ideas for us or would like to get involved in your own way let us know. Use the facebook or email to get in touch. Anything that you can do to help RVMBA in turn helps mountain bikers enjoy maintained trail, events and new trail riding opportunities here in southern Oregon.

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Club Needs

RVMBA could use your help!

While RVMBA has no immediate need for a specific position, RVMBA is always seeking volunteers to help with the planning and execution of future events.

If you are interested in assisting the club please email