Jacksonville Forest Park

Those of you that have been riding in Jacksonville’s Forest Park have likely seen lots of changes over the last few months. The city park rangers have been busy building new sections of trail as well as adding new signage throughout.

The biggest change has been in the long awaited “land swap” between the Motorcycle Riders Association and the city of Jacksonville. The lower 40 acre parcel, known as the Jackson Hills Motorcycle Staging Area, is now Jacksonville city property and the newest addition to Forest Park. In return, the MRA received a portion of city property on the northern end of Forest Park. This means that a couple of trails that were infrequently visited by motorcycles will now have increased motorized traffic. However, all of Forest Parks trails including the roads within the park are off limits to motorcycles and OHV. You should also expect increased hiker traffic on many of Forest Parks trails as popularity has been steadily increasing. The vacancy of motorized use is encouraging more people to explore and enjoy the park.

In the meantime RVMBA will be working with MRA on expanding our opportunities into the newly gained property. We will also work with the city on expanding and maintaining trails within Forest Park. As always, RVMBA needs your help and support as it will continue to protect and expand trail opportunities for southern Oregon Mountain Bikers. Stay tuned to the website and social media for details on work days and other ways you can get involved.

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