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GoFundMe – Jabberwocky Reroute

Rogue Valley Mountain Bike Association (“RVMBA”), a chapter of the International Mountain Bike Association “IMBA“, is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit whose mission is to support and advance the interests of all Southern Oregon mountain bikers.

RVMBA’s goal is to protect, expand and maintain sustainable trail opportunities for mountain bikers in the Southern Oregon area, including Ashland, Talent, Medford, Grants Pass and Jacksonville.

RVMBA is currently working in conjunction with Ashland Parks and Recreation, Ashland Woods and Trails Association and land management groups,  to create and maintain a variety of trails used by hikers, runners, bikers, equestrians and other users in the Ashland watershed.

The latest project we are working on is part of the development of the Mt Ashland water shed trail network.  This ongoing project includes the complete reroute of the old unsustainable Jabberwocky trail.

The new route will connect to the end of Lizard and create a path that is both ecologically friendly and sustainable.

The total cost of the trail is being funded by grants from the City, AWTA, REI and others.  RVMBA are bringing trail building expertise and volunteer labor.

We need $2000 to pay for equipment hire and professional labor that can not be supplied by the volunteer workforce.

The work has already begun and the trail is hoped to be completed by late March.  The funding is required before the end of the project.

Any donation will be gratefully received and will be used to help complete AWTA’s and RVMBA’s vision of a comprehensive system of trails and open space encircling Ashland, connecting our neighborhoods and the downtown in an “emerald necklace.”

Please donate to the GoFundMe campaign to complete the work on this project here: https://goo.gl/bqgKm5 

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While RVMBA has no immediate need for a specific position, RVMBA is always seeking volunteers to help with the planning and execution of future events.

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