Complete this Ashland Parks Funding Survey before February 11th 2019

Help Us Fund Bicycle Recreation in Ashland Parks for 2019-2020

Members of RVMBA:

Please fill out this 5 minute City of Ashland Parks Department survey.

The City of Ashland Parks and Recreation Commission is preparing for it’s biannual Recreational Goal and Priority meeting. This meeting will set where and what funding will be used for the 2019-2020 Parks budget.

In preparation, the city has released a short survey looking for public input on how citizens feel money should be spent, and projects they are hoping the Parks Department will take on.

We need your help!

This is where you come in! We are asking ALL members to please take 5 minutes to fill this out before Friday February 1st.. This is the kind of political action needed to show our strong base and that what we are asking for is needed and viable. Board members have been actively communicating with Parks and momentum is on our side.

Our Two Main Goals

  • A community pump track/bike park
  • Outer Lithia Park Beginner level trails running from the “Quarry” parking area just above the reservoir all the way to town exiting on the current bike path behind Fork street.

Below you will find talking points you are welcome to use in support of our goals:

Pump Track Talking Points

  • A pump track would serve a large number of Ashland residents across all skill levels and age groups
  • A pump track would help bring new riders into Mt Biking that may feel intimidated or lack means to ride our watershed trails
  • A pump track would serve as a community hub where people can recreate in a safe environment
  • A pump track would serve a large number of local youth including our local youth bike team, Rogue Composite Vultures.
  • A pump track would safely build skills needed to venture into our watershed trails
  • Many similar cities nearby have built these. If you’ve ridden one, consider sharing your experience
  • This would serve as another option for youth to get outside and be social, turning off screens and exercising.

Lithia Park Beginner Trail Talking Points

  • Trails would eliminate the need to ride on Glenview road and Granite street, creating a safe alternative to the current crowded situation at the base of Lithia Park
  • A beginner trail would serve a large and growing number of youth riders who are not ready for our intermediate to advanced trails.
  • Trails in the area would be low impact, built through grass and oak woodland in a sustainable manner that can be reflected in our current trail system.
  • Users of the main portions of Lithia Park would not be impacted and trail wouldn’t be visible from these areas
  • A well built and used trail would help with the growing homeless encampments and subsequent trash left behind to clean up each winter.

Please tailor your comments to what you feel is most important (both are ok to comment on) and pass this onto anyone you know who supports these ideas!

The survey can be accessed here

Thank you for your help!


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