Cathedral Hills Volunteer Service Agreement

The Volunteer Service Agreement with the BLM in Josephine County has been signed so we are cleared to work on the trails of Cathedral Hills and Bolt Mountain! This is the beginning of a partnership between the RVMBA and the BLM that will improve and expand mountain biking opportunities in our area.

To get things started right away, there is a work party planned for this Saturday, 3/29, at Cathedral Hills, Sky Crest Trailhead at 9AM. Wear pants and long sleeves to protect from poison oak. This week we will be doing tread work on Timber Riders to improve the surface for bikes as well as other users. If you arrive late, we will be working our way up the trail from the parking lot.

A few of us will be grabbing a bite and a beverage after the work.

Look forward to seeing you!


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