Board Meeting Minutes 10/15/14








RVMBA Board Meeting Minutes
Date 10/15/14

1 Call to order – 18:00
1.1 Attendance LH,MB, PH,DS,DP,AT
1.2 Guest introductions
1.3 Last meeting minutes review and approval
1.4 Financials Approximately $6,100

2 Review of actions from last meeting
2.1 – AT- Requirements from insurance to work on GP projects AP AT to gather requirements for liability during sanctioned workdays in accordance with Grants Pass/BLM/USF.
2.2 – Ashland representative Seeking AWTA member or someone involved in the area to be a liaisons.
2.3 – Medford Social Update – PH Potential in “The Point” as being a venue for Medford social.
2.4 – Moving Technology –LH Moving technology to new servers for web hosting etc.
2.5 – Project Pages AP Material to keep projects in mind and up-to-date for public view & record.

3 Current Trail Status / Current Projects / New Projects
3.1 Jacksonville – PH Waiting in proper insurance and weather to begin approved connector trail and more in Forest Park.
3.2 Prescott – PH RTP grant approved, gearing up for the next phase in the project.
3.2.1 – Video City of Medford Parks & Recreation hired a director/editor to create a Prescott advocacy video that was a success at Salem OR presentation.
3.3 Ashland – Need a new advocate for this region.
3.4 Grants Pass – AT “MOTR” climbing trail is underway, more to come with aid of trail-machine and more work days in conjunction with the “RRR”
3.4.1 – Maps AP AT to re-establish where Adventure Maps stands at the moment.
3.4.2 – Starlite Bike Park AT & BR are launching a plan for bike park to be structured and city of Grants Pass supported.

4 Technology / Membership Update
4.1 Civi membership numbers Down 68 from 70
4.2 Web Stats Up 324 from 318
4.3 Facebook Stats Views up 621 from 613 Likes up 427 from 413
4.4 New features / feature requests AP Board/member input for new web content.

5 Club Review
5.1 Club Status – LH
5.1.1 Insurance AP Continue to work with insurer to build appropriate policy for RVMBA.
5.1.2 State Paperwork AP. Keep RVMBA up to speed as a non-profit
5.2 Roles / Titles No changes
5.2 – Need a treasurer – How to recruit Looking into JS when time becomes for available to him early next year.
5.3 New members / Retiring members

6 Other Business
6.1 Trail Hours MB 13hrs, DP 8hrs.

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