Board Meeting Minutes 5/2/14







RVMBA Board Meeting Minutes

Date 05/02/2014


1.1 Attendance: LH, PH, AT, DP, DS. Apologies; BR, MB.

1.2 Guest introductions: N/A

1.3 Last meeting minutes review and approval: Board approves.

1.4 Financials: AT presented revenue from the GP Social to deposit to the RVMBA account.


2 Review of actions from last meeting

2.1 – Board social media participation AP- Board members need to document as many rides as possible and use social media outlets to grow RVMBA and set examples.

2.2 – DP committee to plan and execute events: AP- DP is to assemble a committee to organize, plan, and promote events via the RVMBA website/facebook pages.

2.2.1 – DP to look into Medford Social AP- DP to speak with TH more in depth on using venue off of North Phoenix Rd.

2.3 – Discuss action taken on grants (REI & RTP) – PH RTP grants present a multitude of options for RVMBA and are to be explored and signed up for to grow proposed projects in Prescott and Jacksonville.

2.4 – Org status – LH- Working to sort out status, all is well.

2.5 – Trail Machine – PH- The machine will have a limited number of qualified operators, and is currently requiring a more suitable trailer for transport.

2.6 – Insurance Status – LH AP: Continue to search for ideal coverage for RVMBA.

2.7 – Bell Built – LH- We have all done as well as possible and showed we can have support. The experience has left us with new knowledge or pursuit of grants and how to promote involvement within the community.



3 Current Trail Status / Current Projects

3.1 Jacksonville – MB give an update on Jacksonville – PH- Working with the BLM and MRA to sort out the “Squirrel” trail as well as a continuance of building bridges with both organizations. AP: RVMBA board to meet with City of Jacksonville Council/MRA/BLM

3.1.1 Connector extension – PH- Connecter is approved.

3.2 Ashland – BR to give an update on Ashland. BR not present.

3.3 Grants Pass – AT to give an update on Grants Pass: AT is moving forward with the BLM and organizing trail workdays. The BLM requires a CPR/First Aid certified person to be present on trail days. AP: DS and AT to take courses and receive certifications to run trail days with BLM support.


4 New Projects:

4.1 Prescott – Funding: PH: for the time being focus will be shifted towards seeking RTP grants for Prescott Park funding.

4.1.1 – Prescott Funding Committee meeting – LH: Working with BS to discuss the different organizations involvement and structure that will get this project underway and into the next phase in a more timely manner.

4.1.2 – Media / Advertising for the project – LH AP: Devise new ways to advertise and promote the project to a far broader reach rather then just the mountain bike community.


5 Technology / Membership Update 

5.1 Civi membership numbers. 69 from 60

5.2 Web Stats. Web stats are down from last AP: Post rides and utilize the pages.

5.3 Facebook Stats. 325 from 278

5.4 New features / feature requests. AP: TRAIL UPDATES

5.4.1 – Interactive Trail Updates – LH


6 Events:

6.1 Dates / Venues / Permits PH: “Cheers for Charity”. See 6.1.2

6.1.1 AT to review GP Social. A fair turnout at the new venue, the Bistro will be a running venue for the socials in future.

6.1.2 Medford Social – PH: Good Life Brewing will provide beverage service at the Creekside Pizza venue for a “Cheers for Charity” format event that allows RVMBA to have a social, and receive a margin of the sales to fund the group whilst providing a fun and entertaining evening at a local venue.

6.1.3 Other new events

6.2 Member Meeting AP: Hone structure of board meetings and decide when to incorporate members in an open floor format.


7 Revenue Generation

7.1 Existing revenue generation ideas AP: Socials, RTP, member/non-member events.

7.1.1 – Membership drive AP: Have JS make more RVMBA banners with scan able code, AT to receive on for GP.

7.2 New revenue generation ideas AP: Create events, DP form a committee or transfer duties.


8 Club Review

8.1 Roles / Titles AP: Look into meeting with other boards in the area to expand relations and liaisons.

8.2 New members / Retiring members.


9 Other Business

9.1 Trail Hours. N/A at the moment


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