Board Meeting Minutes 4-15-15





RVMBA Board Meeting Minutes

Date 04/15/15

1 Call to order – 18:00 – LH

1.1 Attendance: LH,PH,DS,AT.  Apologies BR,NG,MB,DP.

1.2 Guest introductions CS

1.3 Last meeting minutes review and approval

1.4 Financials


2 Review of actions from last meeting – LH

2.1 –  Medford Social – DS / NG AP-DS to go to “The Point” in Central Point and inquire further to a social event.


3 Current Trail Status / Current Projects / New Projects

3.1 Jacksonville – PH -Looking at future work and development with MRA due to the “Hobo” trail’s successes thus far.

3.2 Prescott – PH The city of Medford has the RTP grant, but is doing very little to move the project forward at this point.

3.3 Ashland – NG (NG not present)

3.4 Grants Pass / Rogue River – AT

3.4.1 – MOTR- AT- MOTR is moving along fantastically.  Getting closer to an “official” opening on schedule.

3.4.2 – Starlite Bike Park – The City of Grants Pass is having some budget changes, but the project is still looking promising.


4 Technology / Membership Update – LH

4.1 Civi membership numbers – Down 66 from 69members.

4.2 Web Stats – Up 543 from 316.

4.3 Facebook Stats – Likes are down 100


5 Club Review – LH

5.1 Club Status- The DOJ clerical issue is resolved.

5.1.1 Filing Requirements – LH Non-profit 501c-3.

5.1.2 By Laws- Board was presented the current by-laws for viewing.

5.2 Roles / Titles – Continue as they are currently

5.2 – Need a treasurer – AT

5.3 New members / Retiring members


6 Other Business – LH

6.1 Trail Hours- AT 40hrs PH-20hrs DS-16hrs BR-48hrs

6.2 Spring Thaw – PH – Chad from RVRG looking for support from RVMBA members/board for event.

6.3 Board Membership – LH AP-Continue to work on involvement in filled positions/new board members to fill them more adequately.

6.4 Laurel Harkness Meeting – LH Laurel possess grant writing skills and other resources we can use in future.



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