Board Meeting Minutes 1/21/15





RVMBA Board Meeting Minutes

Date 01/21/15

1 Call to order – 18:00 – LH
1.1 Attendance BR, MB, NG, AT, DP, DS, LH, PH
1.2 Guest introductions Jerry, Caleb
1.3 Last meeting minutes review and approval
1.4 Financials $5349.97

2 Review of actions from last meeting – LH
2.1 – Project Pages – LH .AP for all board members to contribute information on projects (I.E. MOTR, Prescott, Forest Park etc.)
2.2 – Insurance – LH RVMBA is currently covered with limited liability insurance for approved volunteer work etc.
2.3 – Medford Social – DS / NS. AP DS/DP to have set date with Mike and Teresa of “Portal Brewing” for socials.

3 Current Trail Status / Current Projects / New Projects
3.1 Jacksonville – PH Scheduled in for a meeting with city council on 1-22-15(PH/LH) to see where RVMBA’s involvement in Forest Park lies for the future.
3.2 Prescott – PH RTP grant was a success, further action pending on City of Medford’s behalf.
3.3 Ashland – NG 1/30/15 Trail work day organized with SOU & AMA. AP LH to promote work day.
3.4 Grants Pass / Rogue River – AT RVMBA Social at the “Laughing Clam” next Thursday. MOTR trail development with BLM and IMBA Trail Solutions continues as planned.
3.4.1 – Maps AT No contact with “Adventure Maps”, a no-go currently for maps.
3.4.2 – Starlite Bike Park AT Looking to flag out trail and begin digging in the spring, must be within >15% grade for sustainability.

4 Technology / Membership Update – LH
4.1 Civi membership numbers Down 67 from 72 (Not including 8 new members)
4.2 Web Stats 316 to 409
4.3 Facebook Stats Down 641 from 865 Views, up 475 from 434 likes.
4.4 New features / feature requests AP Conjure new features for users.

5 Club Review – LH
5.1 Club Status
5.1.1 Oregon Renewal Reviewed RVMBA as an official organization for 2015
5.2 Roles / Titles To remain as current.
5.2 – Need a treasurer AP seek out a treasurer position.
5.3 New members / Retiring members

6 Other Business – LH
6.1 Trail Hours DP 10hrs, AT 20hrs, MB 20hrs, NG 5hrs, BR/AMA 60hrs.
6.2 Spring Thaw BR explains to the board the potential for RVMBA’s involvement in the 2015 “Spring Thaw” race.
6.3 Board Membership

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