Board Meeting Minutes 11/19/14








RVMBA Board Meeting Minutes
Date 11/19/14

1 Call to order – 18:00
1.1 Attendance LH, DS, AT, MB. Apologies DP and PH.
1.2 Guest introductions BR, NS, NG, Apologies DM.
1.3 Last meeting minutes review and approval
1.4 Financials Approximately $6,174.97

2 Review of actions from last meeting
2.1 – Project Pages – LH AP. Board/members to feed ideas and input to LH to expand pages.
2.2 – Insurance – LH. Final stages of policy being written to fit requirements specified for liability.

3 Current Trail Status / Current Projects / New Projects
3.1 Jacksonville – PH Waiting for insurance
3.2 Prescott – PH RTP grant was a success, new details as they come.
3.3 Ashland – Need a new advocate for this region. – Nathan
3.4 Grants Pass – AT Working on the MOTR trail with “RR Rats” to promote regular work days and volunteer involvement with the project.
3.4.1 – Maps AP, AT to reconnect with Adventure Maps and see where things stand at this point.
3.4.2 – Starlite Bike Park – AT The City of Grants Pass is willing to support the bike park project thus far.

4 Technology / Membership Update
4.1 Civi membership numbers Up to 72 from 71
4.2 Web Stats Up 312 from 302
4.3 Facebook Stats Views down 623 from 641, likes up 434 from 429
4.4 New features / feature requests AP Board to contribute and lead by example for page content.

5 Club Review
5.1 Club Status – LH
5.1.1 Insurance AP See (2.2)
5.2 Roles / Titles Nathan will be the Ashland liaisons for RVMBA
5.2 – Need a treasurer – LH JS to potentially become treasurer early next year.
5.3 New members / Retiring members

6 Other Business
6.1 Trail Hours DP 7hrs, BR 20hrs, MB 20hrs, AT/RRR 200hrs accumulative.
6.2 Medford Social AP DS/NS to look try out a few local venues for small gatherings to feel things out.

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