Board Meeting Minutes 09/17/14







RVMBA Board Meeting Minutes
Date 09/17/14
1 Call to order – 18:00
1.1 Attendance – PH, LH, DS, DP, AT, MB.
1.2 Guest introductions – KS Introduced himself to the board.
1.3 Last meeting minutes review and approval – Review approved by board
1.4 Financials – Approximately $6,200 with no expenditures.
2 Review of actions from last meeting
2.1 – Board social media participation – Rolling AP for all board members from previous meeting.
2.2 – DP committee to plan and execute events – DP spoke with Troy about previously proposed venue on North Phoenix Rd for first Medford area social.
2.3 – Insurance Status – LH is in the process of double checking the liability coverage to verify it’s congruent with what Jacksonville City Parks requires RVMBA to carry. AP- AT to look into what will be required in Grants Pass area moving forward for trail work etc.
2.4 – PH to form committee for J’Ville actions – Jacksonville Woodlands association are seeking help as things go forward with the Forest Park area development falls more into their control from the city.
2.5 – New Ashland rep required – AP to all board members to find someone to satisfy this position.
2.6 – DP work on Medford Social. AP to start actively connection with venues, AT has proven that it is feasible.
2.7 – LH – IMBA send emails and letters to expiring members, so we don’t need to. LH, IMBA is notifying members via physical mailing and electronic.
2.8 – Member Meeting – to be covered below
3 Current Trail Status / Current Projects
3.1 Jacksonville – PH – This City Parks and Woodlands advocates are willing to develop the area with possible connections to existing trails I.E “Old Miners Trail” “Granite”. It’s in RVMBA’s interest to continuing involvement with these groups and maintain relations.
3.2 Ashland – Need a new advocate for this region. AP mentioned above in article 2.5
3.3 Grants Pass – AT – Trail maintenance and development for areas including “Cathedral Hills”, “Starline” amongst others to gain momentum with BLM approval. IMBA Trail Solutions to dig proposed flow trail in Rogue River area.
3.3.1 – Maps – AT- Adventure maps is on hold until Ashland network is concreted in map plans.



4 New Projects:
4.1 Prescott – PH – RTP grant filing is in at a lower asking by part of Medford Parks and Recreation. A videographer has been hired by the city via a $2,000 check to create a video showcasing the Prescott Park plan to view during RTP presentation.
4.2 Jacksonville – PH – See articles 3.1 and 2.4
5 Technology / Membership Update (Numbers are through 8-1-14 to 9-7-14)
5.1 Civi membership numbers- Down to 66 from 69
5.2 Web Stats – Down to 343 from 583
5.3 Facebook Stats- Up to 409 from 325
5.4 New features / feature requests – AP input from board and members for new features.
5.5 Moving tech to new servers. LH- Servers being hosted via Digital Ocean west coast.
6 Events:
6.1 Events Review
6.1.1 AT to review GP Social AT – Socials held at the Laughing Clam in Grants Pass will continue on and hopefully gain more attendance each time.
6.2 Member Meeting – AP Break into a more structured meeting following first Medford area social.
6.3 New Events Dates / Venues / Permits PH – Looking to do events with BR of AMA in the future. Looking into potential for events in Jacksonville Forest Park area as well.
6.3.1 Medford Social – PH – Rolling AP to make this happen
7 Revenue Generation
7.1 Existing revenue generation ideas AP- Medford Social, races, rides alike to New Year’s Day ride in the Applegate.
7.1.1 – Membership drive – Making RVMBA more known and what it can do for members.
7.2 New revenue generation ideas.

8 Club Review
8.1 Club Status – LH
8.1.1 Insurance LH – See 2.3
8.1.2 State Paperwork LH- Received paperwork from MB to be sorted.
8.1.3 Filings
8.2 Roles / Titles – Continuing as is, seeking treasurer to fill position.
8.3 New members / Retiring members

9 Other Business
9.1 Trail Hours – PH,LH,DS – 3 Hours in Jacksonville. AT – 4 bodies for 4 hours in Grants Pass.

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