RVMBA Board Meeting Agenda

Date 07/16/14

1 Call to order – 18:00
1.1 Attendance: LH, PH, DS, DP. Apologies, MB, AT.
1.2 Guest introductions: Kirk, Jeff.
1.3 Last meeting minutes review and approval
1.4 Financials- Roughly $6,000 currently with pending checks.

2 Review of actions from last meeting
2.1 – Board social media participation- AP: Continuance of requesting the board members to set a model example for members to forward RVMBA involvement and feeding the media aspect.
2.2 – DP committee to plan and execute events. AP- DP to develop a committee or to find a member to take on role to forward planning of events.
2.3 – Insurance Status – LH- Action null till further notice/investigation of potential insurance policy for RVMBA. AP- LH
3 Current Trail Status / Current Projects
3.1 Jacksonville – PH Explained current standings in Jacksonville area regarding development and maintenance. AP- PH Form committe for Jacksonville actions.
3.2 Ashland – Need a new advocate for this region. AP- All to find an ideal candidate to sit on AWATA board.
3.3 Grants Pass AT- MOTR trail development. Working with “Laughing Clam” to host monthly socials. AP- DP Create Medford social.
3.3.1 – Maps- AT- Adventure maps is still on course, more information as made available.

4 New Projects:
4.1 Prescott – PH – Efforts of grant applications and community awareness to begin project are in motion. AP- All board to think of ways to aid Prescott.
4.2 Jacksonville – PH- Until RVMBA has a liability policy we can not do trail work on land. Working on expansion possibilities for trail network.

5 Technology / Membership Update
5.1 Civi membership numbers: 69 Current members, 1 new member, 1 expired member. AP- Does IMBA bring expiration to members attention via email etc.
5.2 Web Stats- 423 Page visits, 950 page likes.
5.3 Facebook Stats Page likes 346 up from 325
5.4 New features / feature requests AP- All board members think what page could use.
5.4.1 – Interactive Trail Updates AP- LH
5.5 Newsletter Review
5.6 AP- All board members to be proponents of the Rogue Valley

6 Events:
6.1 Dates / Venues / Permits
6.1.1 AT to review GP Social AT- GP Social will be the last Thursday of each month at “The Laughing Clam”.
6.1.2 Medford Social – PH- Working in conjunction with Goodlife could go more well with a better venue and exposure/promotion prior to the event and during to ensure revenue.
6.1.3 Other new events. Looking to more family oriented events, Jeff using the safety fair put on by OSP as a guiding example.
6.2 Member Meeting AP- Structure and plan for a member meeting to encourage involvement and get feedback to better RVMBA.

7 Revenue Generation
7.1 Existing revenue generation ideas
7.1.1 – Membership drive- Looking for new ways to reach and gain new members for RVMBA.
7.2 New revenue generation ideas. AP
7.2.1 – – LH- Setting up to work in conjunction with “Sacred Rides” and offer a percentage discount on trips through “Sacred Rides” for members of RVMBA.

8 Club Review
8.1 Roles / Titles- Continuing for the moment, subject to changes to better fill position.
8.2 New members / Retiring members
8.2.1 Bill- Retiring from RVMBA board.
8.2.2 Jason – Unable to fill a board position with time constraints.

9 Other Business
9.1 Trail Hours

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