Board Meeting 3/31/14






RVMBA Board Meeting Minutes

Date 3/31/14

1.1 Attendance: PH, LH, AT, JS, MB, DP, DS-Apologies BR.
1.2 Guest introductions: Stephanie and Boone from Grants Pass along with AT introduced themselves to the board.
1.3 Last meeting minutes review and approval: Approved by all viewing.
1.4 Financials: Current $605.51.

2 Review of actions from last meeting
2.1 AT – Updates on trail maps: Adventure Maps has presented RVMBA with a contract regarding producing maps and how RVMBA is involved with gathering field data to compile the trails for the map in desired region.
2.2 DP to form a committee to begin looking at an event at Applegate: DP will be developing a committee to sort out an event for the Applegate region, more to come as it develops.
2.3 AT Grants Pass Social revenue generation via drinks %: Richard of Bikecraft in Grants Pass suggested to AT another venue that would be more willing to work in conjunction with RVMBA on the next social event. Another venue was also put up as an option that would support an event based on volume of proposed attendance.
2.4 LH / JS Banners are now made: A big thanks from RVMBA to JS for sorting out banners at a stunning amount for RVMBA that we can take to events from here on.
2.5 MB – Oregon Wild to discuss a Wilderness proposal towards Crater Lake: No new developments to report from last meeting.
3 Current Trail Status / Current Projects
3.1 Jacksonville – MB give an update on Jacksonville: There is no new development with regard to the city of Jacksonville. . AP- MB/AT to speak with Mike Conner of Grants Pass regarding use of a trail machine to forward development of trails and build a connection with RVMBA. PH- Spoke of potential for and RTP grant with the State of Oregon as well REI and other grants out in the world that can help RVMBA to grow and produce results for the trails and community for effectively.
3.1.1 Connector extension: The MRA has approved the connecter trail to Granite.
3.2 Ashland – BR to give an update on Ashland: The Landowner that Alice in Wonderland Trail goes across is in dispute at the moment, no further news.
3.3 Grants Pass – AT to give an update on Grants Pass: Agreements with the BLM for trail maintenance days has been approved as well as a usable cache` of hand tools for volunteers to use.

4 New Projects:
4.1 Prescott – LH to lead discussion on funding: LH spoke with Brian and Jay regarding the city of Medford as well as Parks and Recreation and how they can greatly assist in forwarding and seeking donation for the Prescott project.
4.1.1 Bell Grant – LH to lead discussion with MB: The mediums in which RVMBA can outreach raise awareness to the public for the vote were discussed.

5 Technology / Membership Update
5.1 Civi membership numbers: Up to 60 from 57.
5.2 Web Stats: 655 hits from 388.
5.3 Facebook Stats: 278 from 242.
5.4 New features / feature requests: None at this moment.
5.5 Participation: The interactive trail updates require more usage. AP: Board members need to update and ride as much as time presents.

6 Events:
6.1 Dates / Venues / Permits: AP: Board members to look into future events and what it takes to run them.
6.1.1 AT to review GP Social: AT Discussed the most recent GP Social event.
6.1.2 Medford Social – DP: AP: DP To speak with Troy about Medford Social event venue.
6.2 Member Meeting: AP: To adopt a format similar to an MRA meeting to open the floor to members.

7 Revenue Generation
7.1 Existing revenue generation ideas: AP: Board members should take note of any ideas on how to generate revenue to present to the board.
7.2 New revenue generation ideas: PH: To pursue grants and continue to develop ideas previously discussed to generate revenue.
7.2.1 Won’t Back Down Movie – LH: There is insufficient funds to put on this event.
7.3 REI Grant – PH: Looking into RTP grant with the State of Oregon as well. REI grant form filled and submitted by PH.

8 Board and Role review
8.1 Roles / Titles: Roles will remain. It was presented to Stephanie and Boone they could suggest a position they could aid in.
8.2 New members / Retiring members: None to report at the moment.
8.3 Votes if required: N/A

9 Other Business
9.1 Trail Hours: AT-27hrs, MR-20hrs, AJ-4hrs, and AL-4hrs.
9.2 Org registration status – LH AP: LH handling Org reg. with State of Oregon.
9.3 Chapter insurance – LH AP: Look into an effective and appropriate plan.

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