Board Meeting 2/26/14

Member Meeting February 26, 2014


Mission: To support and advance the interests of all Southern Oregon mountain bikers.

Goal: Expansion of trail system opportunities, and improvement of existing trails.

Strategy: Leverage RVMBA/IMBA and bring together the Southern Oregon mountain biking community in pursuit of common goals.


1.1 Attendance: MB, AT, LH, PH, and DS.  Apologies; BR and DP

1.2 Guest introduction: Jason Souders; Operator of RVMBA’s PO box at UPS store and potential board role.

1.3 Review of actions of last meeting. :LH

1.4 Financials: RVMBA account currently has $190.00 pending $130.00 check and approx $255.00 from Grants Pass social event. :LH

2.   Review Actions of last meeting: LH

2.1 AT: Spoke with Scott Wrap regarding development and distribution of trail maps for the area and how it has benefited CODA in Bend already.  AT working out details of RVMBA’s role in distribution and credit towards map either dollar amount or credit.  Maps are revised every 3 years for current trail access.  :AT

2.2 DP.  Not present resulting in no furthered discussion in creating events in the Applegate trails.  :DP

3.   Current Trail Status/Conditions: LH, PH, DS, AT, MB

3.1 MB: Jacksonville; LH and MB attended MRA meeting prior to RVMBA meeting regarding involvement in trails on BLM and MRA properties in Jacksonville, looking to resolve any conflicts and build the bridge between the two groups for current and future involvement with trails. :MB

3.2 Ashland: BR not present. MB spoke with BR regarding the AIW.

3.3 Grants Pass: AT working with BLM on trail work volunteer program terms for Grants Pass area.  Potential land for more trail development was brought up in discussion as well. :AT

4. New Projects

4.1 Prescott: MB Prescott is in the finalist running for Western flow trail grant from Bell program.  :MB

5. Technology: LH

5.1 Current RVMBA member is up to 57. :LH

5.2 Website has 480 users. :LH

5.3 Facebook: “likes” climbed from 220 to 242. :LH

5.4 New features/ feature requests- Admin access for board members to RVMBA Facebook page. :LH

5.5 Participation.  Getting board and RVMBA members to be more pro-active in page activity/expansion. :LH

6. Events

6.1 Dates/Venues/Permits:

6.1.1 AT to review GP Social: Review of GP Social event, success in creating an event for exposure to those looking for group as well expansion in members.  Media such as an RVMBA banner for future events, as well new formats for donation take for such events. :AT,LH.

6.1.2 Medford Social: DP not present to propose event.  Potential East Medford venue, to host an event similar to GP Social.

6.2 Budget: Pending to future events.

6.3 Volunteer Requirements: Pending to future events.

7. Revenue Generation

7.1 Discount THULE program that was used in the past.  :PH

-Creating merchandise revolving around RVMBA theme (i.e. trinkets, keyfabs, pint glasses, shirts etc.). :DS, MB

Reaching beyond Face-book to expose RVMBA to those who may not use Facebook or other media resources of similar kind. :LH, AT,

7.2 New revenue generation ideas: Running the THULE discount program, but doing it as a sole order to avoid confusion, as well extending the discount exclusively to RVMBA members to support the benefits of being a member rather then a full public offer with no pre-requisites. :PH

7.2.1 “Won’t Back Down” movie: The potential to host the Steve Peat movie exclusively before release in a venue, or as to purchase the rights to show feature in a venue with refreshments etc during the Oregon Enduro and Spring Thaw week. :PH

8. Board and Role Review

8.1 Roles/Titles: Roles will remain as they are currently.

8.2 New members/Retiring members: AT has new members from GP Social. :AT

Looking to make accounts for contact information with members (Facbook proxy e-mail etc.) :AT

8.3 Votes if required

9. Other business

9.1 Trail Hours

9.2 New organization mailing address: 1750 Delta Waters Suite 102-321 97501 Medford, Oregon USA :LH

9.3 Organization registered status: LH spoke with the state department and RVMBA will continue as a non-profit as it suites it’s description. :LH

9.4 Chapter insurance: IMBA insurance expired 2/27/14.  LH is currently working with IMBA and looking into the future requirements of insurance for the chapter. :LH

9.5 MB and LH met with Oregon Wild to discuss a Wilderness proposal towards Crater Lake: Discussion of the area near Rye Spur and Brown Mountain off of HWY 140 and other trails in the greater Crater Lake area were to be designated as Wilderness areas, which would block usage to MTB use.  Oregon Wild is willing to work with RVMBA co-mingle without issues. :LH,MB

9.6 Insurance: No further information

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