BLM Resource Management Plan Public Comment Period-Listen Up!

Do you want more MTB riding opportunities? Now is the time to let the Bureau of Land Management (“BLM”) know. The Bureau of Land management is currently in the “scoping” phase of a new Resource Management Plan (“RMP”) for the state of Oregon. The public has until July15th to make recommendations to the BLM on how lands should be managed in the new RMP. This is an opportunity for mountain bike enthusiasts to flood the BLM with comments regarding the lack of MTB opportunities and the need for more MTB recreation areas.


This scoping phase is just the beginning of long process that will eventually determine how the lands are used. The scoping phase will help the BLM determine where their focus needs to be directed. If we do not comment. We will not be on their radar.


So we ask you, do you want more mountain bike opportunities? If the answer is yes then please follow the link below and make your voice heard !


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