Bell Built Grant: Prescott Park – Regional Finalist.


Bell Helmets is offering up to $100,000 in technical assistance grants to fund three (3) mountain bike facilities built by IMBA Trail Solutions.

RVMBA, in association with the City of Medford, submitted a grant application in the Flow Trail category for the West Coast region.

We are excited to share with you it has been picked as one of four regional finalists.

The grant describes flow trail as follows:

Flow Trail: A diversity of challenging singletrack trails with various features including relatively high berms, rollers, jumps and wooden features, with alternate lines to encourage progression. More challenging than cross country singletrack, includes grade changes and technical sections of rocks, drops and root systems but not as challenging or steep as a gravity or downhill trail

Within the master plan for Prescott Park, located on Roxy Ann, is a 6 mile flow trail which descends the full 1500 vertical feet of the mountain.

If we are chosen as the winner of the Bell Built Grant, IMBA trail solutions will begin work on that flow trail.

The winners are chosen by popular vote based on a video which Bell are creating using content produced by the clubs.  RVMBA has been collecting content to submit for our video.  Voting for the west coast winner will be opened on April 7th 2014 and conclude on April 20th 2014.  Winners will be announced May 19th 2014 with work beginning by IMBA trail solutions in June.

We will be posting the voting link on this page so check back on April 7th and help us kick start Prescott Park.

Our video is complete:

This video was edited by staff at Bell to promote our project.  Give it a look and share it with your riding buddies, friends and family.



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