2019: New Year, New RVMBA

New Year, New RVMBA

To our Community:

As we begin another year, we wanted to reach out and let you all know what has been going on with RVMBA. As you may or may not know, a new board was elected in late 2018. Along with this new board has come a new vision for RVMBA: We are committed to bringing the Rogue Valley and Southern Oregon excellent trails, events, trail work days, and most importantly, a sense of community and organization that is representative of the numbers that ride mountain bikes here. How do we plan on doing this? Here are a few things that we have been working on and will continue to push for in 2019 and beyond:

  • Trail work. Trail work has been the bread and butter of RVMBA, and will continue to occur in the winter months, with an emphasis being placed on proper technique, skill, and consistency in building and maintaining trails. 10 new trail bosses have been brought up to speed, and will be leading groups to better organize and systematically take care of our beloved trails.
  • Bike park advocacy. We are actively working on a pump track/bike park project in Ashland. RVMBA has spent months researching, presenting, meeting with officials, and public outreach in an effort to bring a top of the line facility to Ashland. Our hope is that in creating a model nearest to our watershed trails, the concept will spread to neighboring cities and areas to create a network of skills development areas. This will bridge the gap between our newest riders and our current trail system. A sustainable community must include beginners and youth, and this project will do just that.
  • Pursuing new trail opportunities. New board members bring a fresh take and different experiences in working with land managers to add to our trail system network. Growing our trails in a sustainable and progressive nature is paramount to the basic nature of mountain bikers: new challenges, new adventures, and less traffic on existing trails all make this a priority for us moving forward. Working with existing advocacy, private, and government organizations will help to accomplish this. Projects and advocacy include:
  • Marty’s Connector Trail
  • Rickety Trail re-route
  • Work with AWTA in constructing multi-use Lower Wonder Trail
  • Applying for grants and land agreements for a Bull Gap Road jumpline
  • Advocating for legal status for Banditos trail
  • Exploring options for trail construction on the North side of I5 connecting to Grizzly Peak.
  • Advocating for a Lithia Park uphill multi-use trail, and downhill bikes-only beginner trail through the underutilized east side of Lithia Park.
  • Maintaining liaisons and relationships with our surrounding cities to increase trails in areas like Prescott Park, Jacksonville, MOTR, etc.
  • Investing in our community through events and outreach. As an advocacy group, we are nothing without YOU and our community of riders. Our ridership is what makes the Rogue Valley special. How many of you have set out on a solo ride or small group, only to run into other friends or new riders on the trail and instantly be connected through the simple art of mountain biking? RVMBA is committed to fostering this phenomena by being a voice for our community and a hub for Mountain Biking activity. We plan on doing this by:
  • Hosting a variety of events throughout the year such as fundraisers, movie night, group rides, socials, etc. to serve as a gathering time for all our members, families, and stakeholders.
  • Continue to support NICA and the Oregon Interscholastic Cycling League in their infancy in Oregon. Chances are you’ve seen our local team, the Rogue Composite Vultures, practicing this summer. By supporting this program and youth mountain bike riding and racing, RVMBA continues to create stewardship for the future. In turn, youth will develop love for riding, trail work, self confidence, and skills to become productive members of our community at large and good representatives of mountain bikers as a whole.
  • Rallying our members for political support. With a large group comes power to make change. We’ve already embarked on this mission, and have gone a long way just in a few instances in changing long-held perspectives about our group. Large turnouts at meetings, usage studies, letters of support, and candidate interviews come election time are all part of the plan to push our goals and vision forward.
  • Quarterly newsletter and social media presence. While word-of-mouth remains the best tool for communication in our community, we also want a clear and concise pathway of information for our members. We will be sending quarterly newsletters via our RVMBA email list, as well as utilizing our Instagram page for social media updates. We are redesigning our website and working on some issues around Facebook access, so that all corners of the social media world are utilized.
  • Oregon Mountain Biking Coalition has formed as the statewide advocacy group. Bringing together organizations from all over the state and sharing ideas, projects, do’s and don’ts, etc. will be valuable in getting our projects off the ground. RVMBA is joining the coalition in hopes of gaining statewide support for our area and projects while creating beneficial relationships around the state.

With all the great things going on, you may ask yourself, “How can I get involved?” First and foremost, we need you and your family to join RVMBA by joining IMBA. $50 will get you a family membership, to which you may add up to 9 members. We need membership dues to help us pay for tools, maintenance, plans, construction, advertising materials, and more. Most important, we need the membership numbers to show local land managers and politicians that mountain bikers are one of the largest, most cohesive groups in the Rogue Valley and a force for change.

Second, we need you to be advocates for US while we advocate for YOU! Talk to your neighbors. Teachers. Friends. Family. Anyone in the community, spread our message far and wide. Wear RVMBA clothing and logos. Tag us in social media. The name RVMBA needs to be synonymous with Mountain Biking. City government needs to understand who we are and what we want. Other trail groups need to know we have say in what goes on in our forests.

Third, we ask anyone who feels inspired to GET INVOLVED! We are a 7 person board with families, jobs, and responsibilities outside of mountain biking (Hard to believe, right?!). We need your help. We want to form sub committees on important topics, develop a chain of command where we can rely on your strengths to help with our weaknesses, and vice-versa. RVMBA is not a hands-off organization. If you can help, we need you.

We hope that this sums up what people have been talking about over the last few months, and lays out a clear idea of what we hope to accomplish and strive towards to create a sustainable, fun, safe, and progressive trail network and community in the Rogue Valley. This will be an experience greater than the sum of its parts, and we hope you will join us for the ride!

Happy Trails,

RVMBA Board:


Martin Stadtmueller, President                      Chris Herbst, Public Outreach/Organization

Aron Kivel, Vice President                               Roger Ramsey, New Trail Development

Darin Dale, Secretary                                        Bill Roussell, Board Advisory

Casey Botts, Treasurer


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