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Sam Brown Ride 1/5/14

RVMBA setup a ride in Merlin, OR this weekend to ride the trails at Sam Brown.

The total head count was 11 riders so numerous vehicles were required to make the shuttling possible.

Group shot

Pre-Ride Group Shot

We first rode Taylor Creek, Return of the Jedi.  The trail was in phenomenal shape with just enough moisture to make it tacky, but not too much to make it muddy and loamy.


Ready to hit Taylor Creek

I admit, I stopped a time of two driving the shuttle rig back down the hill to take pictures.  It’s such beautiful countryside up there.


The shuttle sure is scenic.

The whole crew rode Taylor Creek where the vehicles were reloaded and pointed at the top of the mountain.  Fish and Lewis agreed to skip the Minnow Creek ride to forgo the two hours “vehicle retrieval” which would be necessary had we all ridden.


Finished Taylor Creek

The top of the hill was warm, somewhere in the high 40s low 50s.  The bottom of the hill was cold! somewhere in the 30s.

AJ got some GoPro footage of the ride, so look out for that coming in the next few days.

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