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RVMBA spearheads projects in Southern Oregon to expand opportunities for the regions mountain bikers and trail users of other genres.  The club is already heavily involved in its next undertaking Prescott Park and will be requiring support on a scale it has never had to seek before to complete and maintain this park.  With this clearly in mind the RVMBA board held its first meeting of 2014 Wednesday night to discuss past, present and future.

In any leadership group it is important to keep focus and forward momentum for the benefit of the members.  This can only be achieved with structure, responsibility along with a phenomenal group of hard working people who share the common goal.

Wednesday night our President Mike Bronze stepped down from the lead role in the club and into the VP chair.  Mike said he’s ready to take a more active role on the ground supporting the RVMBA effort and leave the leadership and paperwork to someone else.  At that time the board voted in a new club President in Lewis Hollingworth.  Lewis has been fulfilling the role of technology and media director to this point and will continue to own this while stepping up to the President position.

The meeting created positions with specific roles and responsibilities for each of the board members to fulfill at least one of the roles.  The restructure of the club membership is aimed at efficiency and productivity.  Look for more regular updates from the club leadership, more action on the website and an upcoming member meeting where anyone interested in the cycling opportunities in the region is invited to attend, have their voice heard and sign up to get involved and do their part.

If you have questions or comments with regard the club, the membership, the board or how you can get involved please leave a comment below and you will be contacted.

Lewis Hollingworth

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Club Needs

RVMBA could use your help!

While RVMBA has no immediate need for a specific position, RVMBA is always seeking volunteers to help with the planning and execution of future events.

If you are interested in assisting the club please email info@rvmba.org