Mule Mountain and BTI Workdays in the Books, Jacksonville and Cook and Green Coming Up!

RVMBA has had a few formal and a number of informal workdays this year and it has been great!  The winter has been reasonably mild and good for trail work.  January and February netted a total of nearly 200 man-hours on the Mule Mountain and Mule Creek trails in the Applegate Valley and they have gone from a nearly decomissioned trail system to 10 miles of  fun backcountry singletrack.  The trails are still a little raw but we plan to have another day of grooming on the last stretch of buckbrush and then have a group ride to show off the quality of this trail.  Keep an eye on the calendar and the Facebook page for the group ride date.

Ashland Mountain Adventures and RVMBA had a workday on BTI in Ashland in March to buff out the trail, mainly working on the berms and smoothing braking bumps.  The weather was less than perfect, but 14 folks showed up and that was all that was needed to give BTI the love it needed.  Thanks to Ashland Mountain Adventues for leading the charge on this as they do so often on the Ashland trails!

RVMBA will be hosting a workday this Sunday April 22nd in Jacksonville on Granite trail at 10AM.  Tools and snacks will be provided and vehicle access to the trail is very good.  The dirt should be workable with the recent moisture and the weather forecast for the workday is great at the time of this writing.  See the RVMBA event calendar here for more details on where to meet:

RVMBA is also in the process of scoping rehab work on Cook and Green trail in the Applegate Valley.  This gem of a trail, approximately  9 miles  one way,  can be shuttled or ridden as an out and back.  This one is going to need a lot of love, so look for a formal workday down the road, and a group ride to celebrate the wrap up of the spring clean-up!

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