J’Ville Ride 12-22-13

T’was the weekend before Christmas and all through the valley, the snow was thawing on the trails allowing some of the RVMBA board members to get out this weekend for a quick ride in J’Ville.

President Mike, VP Peter and Web Director Lewis gathered at the bottom of the hill for a pedal up to Mike n Ike and back.


Stopped on the way up for a chat with other users and maintainers of the park.


The trails towards the top of the hill were dry, free of snow and ice and in great shape as far as the weather goes.

Diabolical and Mike n Ike still both have a section each with a deep, mostly unrideable rut up the center.

Ready to drop in at the top-


The Granite trail was also in great shape with a little ice in the bottom of a G-Out which gets no sun.

Mike and Lewis got to shred the rail trail to the bottom while Peter nursed a dead fork down the road.

Mike is stoked to go ride-


Great day for a ride!


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