Banff & Radical Reels Raffle

As well as the door prize raffle, which everyone is entered in with your tickets for the show, this year we have a grand prize raffle brought to you by North West Outdoor Store, Rogue Ski Shop, Rogue Rock Gym and Marty’s Cycle and Moore.

The Grand Prizes are detailed below – You do not need to be present on the night to win these prizes.

MS Rambler 95 Kayak valued at $300 – Provided by Northwest Outdoor Store


A Snowboard – Provided by Rogue Ski Shop
Valued at $428


2 One Year membership to Rogue Rock Gym – Provided by Rogue Rock Gym
Valued at $840



Specialized P Street Dirt Jump Bike – Provided by Marty’s Cycle and Moore

Tickets are priced as follows:

1 ticket for $3
2 tickets for $5
5 tickets for $10



Once your purchase is made, your contact details are associated with the raffle tickets purchased.  You do not need to be present on the night to win the prize.  You do need to make sure your contact information is correct within the transaction so you can be contacted.  If you are unable to pick up your prize in the Rogue Valley shipping charges will be due.  Contact for details.


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