2013 Pacific Northwest Mountain Bike Summit

President of RVMBA, Mike Bronze and Web Director Lewis Hollingworth are representing RVMBA this weekend at the Bike Summit in Oakridge.

IMBA are orginizing and providing lots of resources for us to learn about IMBA chapter best practices, network with peers from other chapters and get some riding in to balance the all work and no play factor.

If you’d like to learn more about the summit you can read up here:

I’m going to do a couple of updates throughout the weekend and a followup next week to share what we are bringing away with us and how it effects you as a club member.

Watch this space.


Thursday 10/10/13  –

After a fairly slow day at the shop 3:30 finally rolled around and Mike landed at the shop to pick me up. With bikes and gear loaded we hit the road about 4pm. We made great time and soon we arived at our high class accomodation for the weekend. To be perfectly honest, it could have been anywhere as long as it featured a shower, a bed and breakfast.

We found the local pizza joint and chowed down. I meant to get a before and after shot, but so hungry were we by the time I got the camera out this is what remremained:


Left pizza but not before snapping a picture of this guy:


He was motion activated. Saw him catch a couple if people out while we ate. Funny.

Back to the digs for bed. In bed for 8:30pm, earliest I’ve been in bed in a long time.. but its going to be a busy couple of days.

Check back tomorrow for further updates.


Friday 10/11/13 –

After waking up super early Mike and I ventured out into the beautiful town of Oakridge in search of breakfast.

After wandering the streets for a while I asked a local. To our dismay we were pointed at the Dairy Queen for the best in local cuisine.

We reluctantly shuffled in.

It seems the local DQ goes above and beyond the standard DQ menu and we got a homecooked breakfast of sorts.


We moved on and found our summit location.




Time to go ride!

We are going to ride a trail called Heckletooth



Once the riding was over in Friday night the mountain bikes proceeded to do what mountain bikes do second best.. drink beer. Hats off to the organization of the event and the local businesses who chopped in too. We were fed and hydrated at the Brewers Union after which the sensible among us heard for the hotels. The gluttons for punishment headed for the local dive, The Corner Bar, where the festivities continued long into the night.


Saturday 10/12/13 –

Saturday morning the summit began early and got onto the importance of engaging your club, ideas and success stories from our peers were shared.

Afterward we got geared up to ride the well known Oakridge crown jewel, Alpine Trail.  After fridays ride on Heckletooth I wasn’t sure it could be topped, but I was very excited to be proved wrong.



Alpine from Kate’s Cut-in consists of 13 miles of singletrack with 1000 feet of climbing and almost 4500 feet of descent.

Take a look here for the vital statistics on the trail: http://www.mtbproject.com/trail/2998783/alpine-from-kates-cut-in


After the riding was complete  Oregon Adventures. Randy Dreiling hosted us in his building for a BBQ.  Thanks again Randy!



All in all we’ve had an incredible time riding this weekend. Not only that, we’ve learned a lot from our peers in other Pacific North West IMBA chapters and the IMBA staff a like.

We’ve spent the entire drive back discussing ideas to better our club and our riding, watch this space for developments in the coming weeks.


For now, I’m going to rest after an epic weekend!

The pictures from the weekend are located here:





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