Rvmba.org – Site Updates

Following the Pacific North West IMBA summit web director Lewis Hollingworth has been working on feature updates for our club website. Feature updates on the website include: 1) Integration of MTBProject into the trail maps section of our website. 2) Trail Status Indicators – up to date status information on the trails in the area. […]

Prescott Park Conceptual Trail Plan

Prescott Park Trail Plan The Medford Parks and Recreation Commission will be voting on our highly anticipated MTB trail proposal. Up to this point the commission has been very supportive of the idea, now that the t’s are crossed and i’s are dotted. The proposal is ready for final approval. When approved, the plan will […]

Mountain of the Rogue Trail – Field Tour

Mountain of the Rogue Trail – Field Tour. Please be sure to RSVP to tlindama@blm.gov Please share the information with anyone who me be interested. This event is important for the local biking community, try to spare a little time and attend if possible. What we need is a representative show of numbers that equals […]

Technology Update

A quick technology update for the group. In an effort to keep the website current and user friendly, the RVMBA facebook calendar has been integrated with the website calendar. What this means is, now users of facebook can post events indirectly to the calendar on the website by creating facebook events and inviting the RVMBA […]

New features coming soon.

Later this week watch out for two new services available on the RVMBA web pages. 1. Going forward we are introducing a “Classified” section for all members to use to advertise and sell their surplus bikes and parts. Once this is in operation we would ask that you cease placing adverts on the Facebook page, […]

Prescott Park

RVMBA is working with the city of of Medford with the hopes of creating an MTB specific trail system on Roxy Ann peak in Medford. We are in the initial negotiation stages and things look very promising. IMBA’s Trail Solutions team may be hired for the initial planning and mapping phase. Keep your fingers crossed […]

BLM Recreational Management Plan-Check it out!

The BLM is gathering information for the new recreation management plan. Please take this survey and ask for more MTB opportunities. Pass this along to all the mountain bikers you know. Please mark Timber Mountain as one of the areas you would like to see more MTB trails. Thank you ! http://www.blm.gov/or/plans/rmpswesternoregon/reccomments.php     Share […]


IMBA’s Trail Solutions program has recently been exploring new trail opportunities around Mt. Shasta City in Northern California. Trail Specialist Shane Wilson was joined by Brazilian intern Gabe Wanderley during the two week assessment and planning phase. Gabe will be working with Trail Solutions staff throughout the USA and hopes to bring a wealth of […]

Cook and Green Work Day Complete

The Cook and Green trail work day this weekend went great!  We cut logs out of the trail from the bottom to the top on this 8+ mile trail.  We also worked the top 2 miles down from the top and brushed and raked the trail bed.  We got the worst of the brushing done […]


  The rain came just in time and made for good conditions to kick off the fall season!  We had just over two dozen volunteers come out to help and we worked on three different sections of the mountain.  Upper Bull Gap, Mystical, and Catwalk all received some grooming. Thanks to the folks that came […]


Club Needs

RVMBA could use your help!

While RVMBA has no immediate need for a specific position, RVMBA is always seeking volunteers to help with the planning and execution of future events.

If you are interested in assisting the club please email info@rvmba.org