Board Meeting Minutes 09/17/14

  RVMBA Board Meeting Agenda Date 09/17/14 1 Call to order – 18:00 1.1 Attendance – PH, LH, DS, DP, AT, MB. 1.2 Guest introductions – KS Introduced himself to the board. 1.3 Last meeting minutes review and approval – Review approved by board 1.4 Financials – Approximately $6,200 with no expenditures. 2 Review of […]


RVMBA Board Meeting Agenda Date 07/16/14 1 Call to order – 18:00 1.1 Attendance: LH, PH, DS, DP. Apologies, MB, AT. 1.2 Guest introductions: Kirk, Jeff. 1.3 Last meeting minutes review and approval 1.4 Financials- Roughly $6,000 currently with pending checks. 2 Review of actions from last meeting 2.1 – Board social media participation- AP: […]

Board Meeting Minutes 5/2/14

          RVMBA Board Meeting Minutes Date 05/02/2014   1.1 Attendance: LH, PH, AT, DP, DS. Apologies; BR, MB. 1.2 Guest introductions: N/A 1.3 Last meeting minutes review and approval: Board approves. 1.4 Financials: AT presented revenue from the GP Social to deposit to the RVMBA account.   2 Review of actions […]

Board Meeting 3/31/14

        RVMBA Board Meeting Minutes Date 3/31/14 1.1 Attendance: PH, LH, AT, JS, MB, DP, DS-Apologies BR. 1.2 Guest introductions: Stephanie and Boone from Grants Pass along with AT introduced themselves to the board. 1.3 Last meeting minutes review and approval: Approved by all viewing. 1.4 Financials: Current $605.51. 2 Review of […]

Cathedral Hills Volunteer Service Agreement

The Volunteer Service Agreement with the BLM in Josephine County has been signed so we are cleared to work on the trails of Cathedral Hills and Bolt Mountain! This is the beginning of a partnership between the RVMBA and the BLM that will improve and expand mountain biking opportunities in our area. To get things […]

Bell Built Grant: Prescott Park – Regional Finalist.


Bell Helmets is offering up to $100,000 in technical assistance grants to fund three (3) mountain bike facilities built by IMBA Trail Solutions. RVMBA, in association with the City of Medford, submitted a grant application in the Flow Trail category for the West Coast region. We are excited to share with you it has been […]

Board Meeting 2/26/14

Member Meeting February 26, 2014   Mission: To support and advance the interests of all Southern Oregon mountain bikers. Goal: Expansion of trail system opportunities, and improvement of existing trails. Strategy: Leverage RVMBA/IMBA and bring together the Southern Oregon mountain biking community in pursuit of common goals.   1.1 Attendance: MB, AT, LH, PH, and […]

RVMBA Board Meeting January 2014

RVMBA Board Meeting Date: 1/22/14 Venue: Unrealcycles 1.1 Attendance Lewis Hollingworth – LH Present Michael Bronze MB Present Peter Hollingworth – PH Present Nick McDaniel NM Present Adrian Tayne AT Present David Patterson DP Present Bill Rousell BR Apologies 1.2 Guest introductions Derek Starr was introduced to the board 1.3 Last meeting minutes review and […]

Social Media Update


In an effort to enable quick and easy communication between the club members a couple of changes to social media recently. First and foremost, if you’re a facebook user we’ve moved from the facebook group to a new and up to date facebook page. Please head over to and hit the like button if […]

Jacksonville Forest Park

Those of you that have been riding in Jacksonville’s Forest Park have likely seen lots of changes over the last few months. The city park rangers have been busy building new sections of trail as well as adding new signage throughout. The biggest change has been in the long awaited “land swap” between the Motorcycle […]


Club Needs

RVMBA could use your help!

While RVMBA has no immediate need for a specific position, RVMBA is always seeking volunteers to help with the planning and execution of future events.

If you are interested in assisting the club please email